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Green Pond Rural Alliance 


Do you enjoy...


  • Seeing cows and horses graze with a view of the Blue Ridge mountains in the background?

  • Dipping your toes in a creek or watching beavers build their dams in wetlands?

  • Hearing hawks screech as they soar above a pasture hunting for food or whippoorwills as they stake their territories during the spring and summer evenings?

  • Waving to the members of the bicycling clubs from Greenville and Spartanburg Counties as they enjoy the scenery and fresh air?


live in a rural, agricultural community like the Greater Green Pond Community

and enjoy the peace and tranquility that it provides


know how threatened and fragile the rural environment can be!

We are registered as a Charitable Organization in South Carolina and are awaiting IRS determination as a 501(c) (3) organization. Our mission is to preserve the rural and agricultural nature of the Greater Green Pond Community located in southern Spartanburg County, SC and we are working to:


  • Preserve rural land

  • Protect the health of the many streams, ponds and springs within the Green Pond Community

  • Maintain and increase the diversity and health of the wild plants and animals within the community

  • Distribute information to the greater Green Pond community regarding proposed community development, infrastructure and legislative changes, air and water safety findings, and best farming practices for the community’s climate

We hope you’ll join us as we work to preserve rural life!

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