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Duke Timeline

June 2022

Duke Energy acquired land to build a substation in the Green Pond Community at the corner of Green Pond Road and SC State Highway 417 (known historically as Dillard Crossroads).

September 1

Duke Energy informs residents in their defined study areas of Duke's plans to build a new 100-kilovolt transmission line and invited residents to a September 20 Open House. A survey to be completed and mailed to Duke was also enclosed. Quite a number of residents did not receive a letter. 

September 20 (with less than 30 days' notice!)

Duke holds an Open House. Those manning the information stations had no detailed information, no knowledge of the nature of the study area, and provided different answers to the same questions to different people. 

November 26

Duke determines they are receiving lots of questions from rural citizens and adopts an approach of not answering specific questions and/or not responding.

December 5

Duke informs one community member of a change in approach: to collect questions from emails and post them on an FAQ page. Many answers were evasive and vague.

First week of December

Original planned timing of notification of "affected landowners" whose property could be used as locations for transmission lines and structures. Having received no notification, a community member inquired as to whether notifications would arrive and requested some communication to community members so that anxiety from anticipation would not be heightened during the holidays.  Duke subsequently announced planned delay in communication. This has now been delayed to 30 days prior to a second Duke Open House.

January 19

Original planned date for the second Duke Open House for only the “affected landowners” notified in December.  Duke issued an update, announcing delay. Click here to see communication. 


January 24

Duke sent letters announcing open house format of the next meeting and transmission line siting study maps sent out to affected landowners. Click here to download a copy of the January 24th letter. Click here to download a copy of the Siting Study Area Map.

February 9

Duke sends announcement that the project has been paused and the Open House originally scheduled for February 21 will be postponed to a later date (to be determined) to allow for re-evaluation of the substation siting. 

February 21

Original date that had been announced for an Open House to discuss the Transmission Line Siting. 

March 1

Duke sends announcement noting further delay in announcement of transmission line siting due to reconsideration and study of substation citing.  Click here to access . 

April 5

Duke informs State Senator Shane Martin and State Representative Bill Chumley that they have evaluated the substation siting and will not change the siting at Dilliard Crossroads. They did not provide any answers to questions and data requests submitted to them on April 11. 

April 11

Due to lack of Duke’s responsiveness to requests for data and studies that drove Duke’s siting of the proposed substation and transmission routes, questions and requests provided by Green Pond Rural Alliance were sent by Senator Martin and Representative Chumley to Duke.  Click here to see the letter.

April 25

Senator Martin holds a meeting with a small group (20-25) community members and Duke representative so that Duke can provide data and studies that support their conclusion that the substation siting cannot be changed.  Community members cited the lack of supporting data and did not deem their explanations nor reasoning logical, data-based, nor sound. 

April 26

Duke posts additional FAQs on their website. 

June 8

Community members present to the SC Public Service Commission regarding grievances about Duke Energy’s lack of regard for the community, lack of acting in good faith, lack of responsiveness, and lack of transparency and clarity in interactions with the community.  Click here to view the June 8 Allowable Ex Parte Briefing. 

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