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Summary of PSC Ex Parte Meeting

8 June 2023

The presentation began with an introduction of the history and nature of our communities, then proceeded with presentations of the following:


Interactions and communications with Duke Energy

  1) timeline and nature of Duke’s interactions with the community,

  2) the level of Duke’s disregard, evasiveness, and lack of responsiveness since September 1 of last year,

  3) the level of our consistent and insistent requests and protest, and

  4) the need for the aid of Senator Shane Martin and Rep. Bill Chumley to achieve any appearance of regard from Duke.


Overview and critique of Duke’s justification of the need for and location of the proposed substation site and proposal of two alternative industrial sites

  1) Questionable approach and historical-focused sources for technical and demographic data

  2) Discussion of analysis based on more appropriate forward-looking data and studies

  3) Illustration of two alternative substation sites that would meet Duke’s goals and be located on industrial corridors. His analysis was based on more appropriate forward-looking data.


Emphasis of the importance preserving the rapidly dwindling acreage of rural, agricultural land in  Spartanburg County

The briefing concluded with a summary of the primary points:

  1) Dillard's Crossroads is an inappropriate location for the substation

  2) There are places that ARE appropriate; we as citizen should not be put in a position to determine the suitable alternative sites given Duke’s resources and lack of sharing their goals, data, and studies

  3) Duke has not been willing to partner with Laurens Electric, presumably due to financial or competitive reasons

  4) Duke has not operated in a forthright manner with our community. They failed to answer questions, provide studies, data, analyses as requested

  5)  Duke has refused to commit to hold a true town hall public meeting, with Duke executive and decision-makers and our elected officials present and participating


Reporters from the Post and Courier and the Woodruff Times attended the briefing.  Upstate Forever also sent a representative in support of our cause. 

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