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Grave sites and Cemeteries in the Greater Green Pond Community…Revolutionary War Veterans, History Fun Facts and Mysteries  

July 22, 1 pm to 3 pm

Click here to register to attend and you will receive updates regarding location. Bruce Parsons Reynolds will provide stories from Green Pond and the history of the Peden Family Cemetery off Bill Pearson Road and other residents will tell of
mysteries they have found based on headstones in church cemeteries and of others (including Revolutionary War veterans) buried along the roads of Green Pond.

Rural Preservation Strategies: How you can protect the

rural nature of your property  

Date and time TBD

We will have several speakers to talk about a number of options that are

available to protect your property in a way that suits you and your family.

Green Pond property owners are using and exploring a number of these

strategies.  Click here to indicate your interest.  We are coordinating

speakers and will then get back to you with a date and time.


Early September, date TBD

Please click here if you keep bees or would like to learn from those who do.  You will receive updates on location and time.


Attracting More Bobwhites to Green Pond

Late September, date TBD

Click here to indicate your interest in attending and you will receive updates on location and time.  A biologist/naturalist from the Department of Natural Resources will talk about how to create the best habitat for Bobwhites and we will walk around certain areas of the community to talk specifically about easy modifications for Bobwhite habitat.    

Pollinator Gardens and Bulb Exchange

Date and time TBD

Click here if you have a pollinator garden and/or bulbs you would like to contribute to an exchange. We will then consider tours to accompany a talk with an area horticulturist.

Native and Medicinal Plants

Date and time TBD

Click here if you are interested in attending this session, likely to be held in early October, depending on our speaker and the assessment of plants we will be able to find in the area.  We will then consider tours to accompany a talk with an area horticulturist or naturalist.

Other Potential Topics: 

  • Feral Pigs/Wild Hog Control (Likely October—click here to register your interest)

  • Horse Hoof Care

  • Smart Growth

  • Pond Health and Care

  • Forestry Management & Stewardship

  • Bats and Birds

  • Kudzu Control

  • Native Trees



Potential Community Activities or Programs

  • Road Beautification and Clean-Up

  • Seed Sharing and Exchange

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